Richard Stromberg’s Chicago Photography Classes is a community centered on photography. 

At the school, we teach you how to get it right in the camera in the first place – “Plus”. What’s the Plus? We don’t just develop images we develop people through Photography. And that’s our Mission.

The journey, beginning with “Photo I” through advanced classes is one of challenge and personal growth.  Camera operation will be demystified. You will learn to see: To see light, to see expression, to see the juxtaposition between yourself, your subject and others. As you advance your knowledge and skill in photography, you will also gain perspective of yourself and others. You will be part of a group of people whose concern is for you to do your best, and your concern will be, for them to do their best.

Join us for the Free 90-Minute Class held every Sunday at 12:00pm and experience the learning environment and support of our community of photographers.



Each Sunday: A Free 90-minute Workshop/Orientation on use of DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras Basic Camera Overview/Class Orientation, DSLR & Mirrorless Camera Operation, and the Principles of Correct Exposure


A solid path for your photographic success...

Photo I is a comprehensive class about the fundamentals of photography.  You will learn about correct exposure, f-stops and shutter speed.

Photo II, you will continue your photographic thinking and go beyond regular through the lens (TTL) metering and learn methods that will allow you be more precise with exposure and color.

The seven weeks of Photo III will challenge each student to apply their photography skills to a creative project for the duration of the class.

A class for students who have successfully completed Photo 3 — designed to help you succeed in both photographing and printing the very best images possible.


Learn the best programs to edit your photos

For 7-Weeks (6-Weeks Online), we will cover the basics of Lightroom Classic so that when completed, you will feel very comfortable with the program. During the entire class, you will work alongside the instructor with your Lightroom Catalog.

If the Photoshop ‘beast‘ scares you, then you’ll love this 4-week introductory class that offers a solid base of this program for all the people starting from 0. At the end of this class, you’ll be able to fully edit a picture using layers, adjustments, masks, filters, and much more!

Luminar 4 from Skylum Software is sometimes described as an alternative to Lightroom. During the three week class, you will learn how to manage your photos, edit and use the software as a stand-alone program combination with Lightroom.

Welcome to the Ultimate Workflow Class, where you will learn an efficient path to edit any photograph.  From importing to the finished print, we will be teaching how to use a combination of Lightroom Classic, Photoshop and Luminar 4.

students reviews

Photo I will teach you everything you need to know about aperture/f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, and how to get a good exposure in your pictures. Perhaps more useful, however, is the lab work with an overview of Lightroom and how to make your photos look great. I’m looking forward to Photo II.
Mark Wilder
Photo I
Using Luminar is an AWESOME, SPEEDY way to edit your photos!! It’s well worth your time to get to know this program–even if you’re already a Lightroom Classic pro. Nick–as usual–does a great job in the classroom. Plenty here to get you going with Luminar.
Cathy Fey
Luminar Software
Ultimate Workflow is an exceptionally well-designed course. It weaves Lightroom, Photoshop and Luminar into a very thoughtful workflow – taking advantage of the best of each application. Federica Ghidelli has a great teaching style, and the on-line format works well.
Doug Johnson
Ultimate Workflow
If you have ever owned a camera and had no idea what half the settings mean- go to this class! Great basic info that expanded out into more advanced topics- all very well explained and understandable. Nick was knowledgeable, fun and made you want to participate. Looking forward to taking more classes here!
Free 90-min Class
Excellent approach to teaching this terrific program. Only wish i had learned Lightroom 5 years ago! Well organized classroom lectures with opportunity for questions and individual assistance. Definitely very worthwhile.
Lin Witte
Lightroom Basic
Just finished photo 3 taught by Nick – don’t be intimated by the theme! It helps you grow and step outside your comfort zone. Definitely the best class I’ve taken with the school so far and wish I took it sooner. Thank you again, Nick!

Jason Klein
Photo III


We believe that printing is an essential part of being a photographer. Learning to actually produce your work is an invaluable skill to acquire and we are glad to help you.

Our gallery

Yes, we print!

professional printers

EPSON 4900, EPSON 5000, EPSON 8000 & 9000

Rent & print

Our lab is available to you and your project 24/7 for a very competitive fee.

Printing classes

Interested in learning how to proper print your work? Take a look at our classes!


Our faculty members are highly influential players in the industry. In every course they teach, they bring their rich experience, knowledge and passion to the classroom. Get to know our talented team below, and feel free to reach out with questions.

Nick Sinnott

CPC Director & Instructor

Federica Ghidelli

CPC Associate Director & Instructor

Denise Orlin

Events Coordinator & Instructor

John Granata


Thomas Bock


Sharlene Chapman



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